Shop Small and Support Online Boutiques

Today, I wanted to share about small businesses I love supporting and shopping at. I do most of my shopping online and discovered most through Instagram, Pinterest, or word of mouth. I’ll try my best to include any deals, promotions, and my own affiliate/ambassador discount that can be used. I normally purchase every other month and do a haul of what I buy on Instagram stories.

I have an addiction to clothes so what better way to invest into timeless and versatile pieces from my favorite online boutiques!

  • Shop Peachy Bunz is my favorite active wear that I discovered on Instagram. They carry variety of styles for both women and men. If you are looking for a Gymshark and Lululemon dupe, this is where you should go to! I purchased multiple times from them and they haven’t disappointed me at all. I included some Instagram posts from my profile down below for you to check it out. You can use my code LOVEJENN to save 10% off on your next Peachy Bunz order.

    For reference, I’m 5’2′ and weigh about 130 lbs. I do hauls on my Instagram Stories and also have an Instagram Guide to help you decide what to purchase. You can click here to check it out on my IG @jenn.inspiration. Let me know if my Guide helps you out 🙂

  • Shop Indigo Closet is an online boutique with unique, modern, trendy items at reasonable price. I purchased their Ingrid Crocodile Mini Skirt. It was $48. I absolutely love this skirt because the print is different from others that I owned. The lettuce hem pattern brings an edgy look. See both ways I styled the skirt. You can use my code JENNL20 to save 20% off on your next Indigo Closet order.

I hope you enjoy reading this and getting to know more about these small online businesses. Have you heard any of them, or shopped from them? Do you plan on shopping from them in the future?

If you would like to know more where I shop from, let me know down in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


Codes and links above are affiliate – meaning I earn a small % of sales made via those codes and links, but it comes at ZERO cost to you

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