My Planner Set Up

I’ve enjoyed using a planner since I was in middle school. It helped me with organizing my daily tasks, project deadlines, and goals to accomplish each month. Ever now and then, I like to swap out my planners for different layouts and sizes.

I was using a planner I purchased from Amazon a while back. It was a hardcover and had blank monthly and weekly layouts. What I loved about this planner was that I didn’t feel restricted and I was able to create the layouts however I wanted to. There were some things I didn’t like about the planner. If I missed filling in a weekly layout that I end up skipping pages and having blank layouts. It was a hardcover planner and quite heavy to carry around. It was purchased from Amazon. I’ll link it right here to check out and/or use as a preference.

I recently changed my planner to Personal Planner because I wanted to downsize. I selected the Mixbook which let me choose the number of pages and the type of layouts. It was very exciting to create this because I got to select my own cover and have my own name on the front. The Mixbook has a total of 160 pages. I chose several layouts that currently suits my lifestyle.

Here is how my current set up looks like:

  • Every Day Gratitude – jotting down a few words each day helps with reflecting back on what I feel grateful for
  • Monthly Goals – this helps at the beginning of month to write down what I’d like to accomplish and get reflect at the end of month
  • Coloring Pages – there are a variety of coloring pages that Personal Planner that is randomly chosen in the Mixbook
  • Saving Little & A Lot – this a tracker to help save a certain amount of money each day up to $100 – $1000

If you want a Mixbook from Personal Planner, be sure to check it out here. You can also use the code SPRINGTIME to get 15% off. It is valid until May 31st. I hope you enjoyed reading about my current planner set up and if you like to see more posts like this, please feel free to leave a comment with any suggestions below.



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