Weekly Finds + Reads

Weekly Finds + Reads

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This entire week I’ve been unsubscribing to TONS of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. The constant notifications gave me a slight headache because I had mass emails throughout the day. I did look through a few e-mails but I didn’t find anything intriguing that made me want it immediately.

Through out the week, I did find some clothes, makeup and other accessories that I wish I can wear for the cold season. The weather in Hawaii has been getting colder here, and I’m loving every single minute of it!

I used to own the Kate Spade necklace years ago until I lost it. It was my personal favorite necklace to wear everyday. I love wearing cardigans throughout the year. This brown cardigan is something I would buy because I love the style and cut of it.

I’m currently using cocokind’s tumeric spot treatment for the past month. I absolutely love how it treats my dark spots and unclogs my pores! I use it every other night for about half an hour then wash it off and go into my skincare routine.

To end this week on a good note, I finished reading Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. I’d give it 9/10. It was a great page turner but I wished the end lasted a few more chapters! Anyways, here are a few other articles I’ve read throughout the week.

Hope you have an amazing rest of your weekend!



3 tips to shopping on thredUP

3 tips to shopping on thredUP

Happy Wednesday! It’s been awhile that I last posted on my blog. I post frequently on Instagram. I want to start shifting gears towards blogging and creating more than just an Instagram post.

Anyways, we are halfway through the month of September and can’t believe the year has gone by so quickly! As the fall season is approaching, I wanted to give you my insight on shopping at thredUP.

thredUP is one of the largest online platforms to shop and clean out your closet. They process and recirculate clothes, giving them a second chance to live through someone’s wardrobe, and offsetting the environment with thrifty prices.

I’ve always had trouble finding dresses and bags at the actual thrift store. Every time I thought I found a nice dress or a cute bag, there was always minor flaws that made me put the item back. With thredUP, it was quite easy to browse through their inventory and quickly identify flaws of each item!

Here are some tips that you can use while you shop on thredUP:

  1. Add the items you truly love into your cart
    This gives you the window of opportunity to hold onto the item, much longer, before anyone else can purchase it. It’s similar to someone holding on your items behind the counter. They allow you to hold onto the items for about 8 hours until it goes back up for sale.

    This also gives you more time to continue browsing through their inventory. If you are unsure about getting the item, this helps with decision-making rather than buying it on an impulse.

    I had over 15 items in my cart at once because I wasn’t sure if I wanted all of them. I was able to narrow down to some of these items. Take a look at the bundle I’ve put together. I was truly happy with my small bundle!

    The filters helped navigate through their website very easily. By using the search bar, I typed in my favorite brands or keywords and placed my price ranger under $50. thredUP’s search engine quickly narrowed down their inventory and gave me a better gist of what I needed to buy.

    Although the price range under $50 seem higher, it still gives me the advantage of picking out from related items that pops up!

    Here’s an example of how I found the Free People floral blouse (as shown above), type in “Free People crop blouse” and select the price range from $0-$50.

    I found good thrifts on their platform in less than hour. If it wasn’t for search filters, I would be lost LOL!
Blogger wearing floral crop blouse and white denim shorts from thredUP
I’m wearing a floral crop off shoulder blouse and white denim shorts from Free People via thredUP.
    The reason behind buying off season is because people are more likely to get rid of their clothes before the new season! You’ll also have a better chance of viewing the selection first and getting dibs on the best thrift finds.

    People are donating their clothes before the new season i.e. right before summer ends, or after the fall season ends, etc! I was already searching for kimono styles. I came across this Forever 21 floral kimono and it was marked as new with tags. I snagged this up towards the end of August. I’m so happy to add it to my capsule wardrobe.
Blogger standing in front of tree with brown floral kimono, brown top, and brown ribbed wide leg pants from thredUP
Both the kimono and wide leg pants are from Forever 21. The floral print kimono was listed as new with tags on thredUP and the brown ribbed wide leg pants was from a local garage sale.

Have you shopped at thredUP? If you did, let me know what was your experience like and what thrift finds you purchased!

If you haven’t shopped yet, I have a small discount coupon you can use at your first purchase. The link is available here to check out.

Thank you for reading and hope you find this helpful when you shop at thredUP!



PM Skincare Routine

PM Skincare Routine

I wanted to share with you today about my PM skincare routine. I honestly enjoy my PM routine more because I have a good amount of time to spend compared to my mornings. My mornings are usually rushed and packed with multiple things to do before heading out the door.

I switched many products in and out of my PM skincare routine because I have combination skin; both oily and dry. My T-zone is mostly oily and the rest of my face is dry. My skin is also prone to acne and I easily breakout. It really depends on the weather and my hormones.

Since I live in Hawaii, my skin does struggle with the humidity and the sun here. I hope this will help with anyone who is struggling with combination skin. Let’s get into it further down below! 🙂

  1. Cleansing: I start by using I Dew Care Melting Makeup Remover Balm. This is a balm to oil cleanser that helps with taking off my makeup, removing dirt off, and also dislodging hard to remove products off my skin. After rinsing off, I would double cleanse by using Cocokind Oil to Milk Cleanser. I love how Cocokind cleanser is very gentle on my skin, and does not strip off any moisture. It seals in the moisture which makes my skin so soft!
  2. Tone: After my skin is clean and clear, I tone it with Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner. I like to place the toner on my hands and pat it all over my face. This toner tremulously helps with my uneven skin tone and brightening it up.
  3. Eye Cream: I live for Cocokind Revitalizing Eye Cream! After discovering their eye cream, I was so impressed that it helped with brightening up my dark circles. My dark circles don’t appear as bad as it used to be. It also has a slanted application tip. It makes it easier to gently place on my skin and helps control of not overusing the product.
  4. Serum: I use different serums however I’ve been loving the COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule. It feels a little bit sticky to me on certain areas of my face however it helps with stressed skin and reducing redness. It helps hydrating dry parts of my skin as well.
  5. Moisturize: I also use different types of moisturizers. Lately I’ve been reaching for Cocokind Texture Smoothing Cream. It has truly improved my skin texture and skin tone. When I first read about their perception consumer study that after 4 weeks of using this cream, there are true and amazing results. I had to try it myself! I definitely agree that it is more compatible with breakouts and my skin also has a satin finish. I highly recommend this to anyone who has both oily and dry skin like me!

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps anyone out on their skincare journey!



Codes and links above are affiliate – meaning I earn a small % of sales made via those codes and links, but it comes at ZERO cost to you