Happy New Year! Happy January!

Happy New Year! Happy January!

I hope everyone had a great New Year and got to celebrate it with family and friends. We stayed home most of the day to catch up on sleep and tidy up the house. We went out to eat to Boiling Crab in SALT at Kaka’ako. We normally order the crawfish combo with half pound of shrimp, clams, mussels; and it comes with corn, potatoes, sausage and rice. It was so delicious, and they always have great service.

After the New Year weekend, I had to recoup myself to work at my 9-5 and get back into my routine. The weather in Hawaii hasn’t been great especially with all of the rain and wind. I hope it gets better in a few weeks so I can enjoy the warm sun again.

I didn’t have much new year resolutions in mind for 2022, because I’ve been so preoccupied with unlearning old habits and incorporating new routines that I’m living in the moment and letting things flow.

Here are a few things I started to work:

  • Reading 1-2 chapter(s) each day to finish a book
  • Going on a small walk with my dogs to get fresh air
  • Logging on Instagram 3x per week to post content and consume for about an hour
  • Waking up early to get ready and workout my body

I learned that being more specific on what I wanted will become a natural habit. Some things are starting to stick but some are a work in progress. I will update in a few weeks how things are going.

Hope you have an amazing weekend 🙂