This Week: back from reselling hiatus and made about $1K in sales!

This Week: back from reselling hiatus and made about $1K in sales!

I took a break from reselling online to pursue content creating for social media platforms. I think I got so burnt out towards the holiday season that I didn’t feel like it was the same anymore. A lot of creators I followed seen the dramatic changes in the algorithm on Instagram (read more this on; and how each platforms were pushing out paid advertisements or sponsors more than regular content.

I mention before that I’m slowing down from posting on Instagram and consuming it casually in my previous posts. All the stress and anxiety of creating and posting took a toll on me. I constantly worried day and night about what to post next, which brand to work with, and hoping brands would accept my offer, and paying for my rate. I also was struggling to keep up with the latest internet trends and making content because my regular full time job absorbed all of my time and energy.

There is no one really to blame in the social media industry because I took it upon myself to create content and posting on multiple social media platforms. I wanted to be part of the industry and excel in it. But deep down inside, I forgot who I truly was and why I wanted to post online. When I moved away from the states and pandemic happened along the way, I hardly had any deep connection with people I met and majority of my time was spent working. When I turned to the internet world, I felt like I could express myself! However when I accepted brand partnerships and agreeing to create content, I wasn’t aware of the constant burn out, pressure to do more, and anxiety of not being enough to “work with a brand”.

girl standing, looking to side, Hulk tee shirt, wide leg pants, Vans shoes
girl standing, looking to side and holding cup of coffee. Spiderman tee shirt, distressed jeans and Jordan shoes

I finally took my heart and mind off of social media during the holidays. It was not something I wanted to do but it was for my own good. I went back to one of my favorite passion: reselling online. I buckled down and purged through my closet, I mentioned this couple weeks ago, and also started thrifting instead of creating and posting content. It felt so good that I was making money on my terms and conditions.

My sales were starting off slow on Poshmark because I was getting back into the groove. It started to pick up when I relisted all of my old inventory and lowered the price down. When I listed the clothes I purged from my closet, it quickly sold over in the span of two weeks. Once they were listed on Poshmark, I started to cross list on different platforms and I quickly sold my old clothes and inventory. I made about four digit figure from reselling online. It helped with paying off my credit card debt. I truly missed having payment notifications than constantly being on social media that took a huge toll on my mental health.

My advice: keep doing what you love and don’t compare yourself to others online. You are not them, and they are not you!

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